An Easier Way To Let Me Down

by John Bowen

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Produced in Cakewalk Sonar X3


Can't understand the way you talk
As if I never knew you
Unquestionably, you've made your point
Still can't believe that I could lose you
When will I be replaced?
With who and how?

You couldn't give a reason that was sound
Could you at least have thought of
an easier way to let me down?

Is it the fact that I can't give you all
the many things that you desire?
Or is it more that I'm emotionally weak
though I have passion and fire?
You state your case so well
with emotional torture
I never would've thought you to be so profound
It isn't in you to find
an easier way to let me down

Struggle for such a long time
Sweating to your old grind
Trying to read your mind
Simply no other way
The puzzle doesn't fit
Some pieces gone
How can you claim you've been wronged?

Don't understand the way you think
As if I have abused you
Can't help you have a depraved mind
So easy how they fooled you
I try to comprehend that I've been taken over
I've stayed with you when nobody else could be found
and all the thanks that I get is the cruelest way of letting me down

The rumors you've been hearing 'bout me are all unsound
There is no reason you can't find an easier way to let me down

Before you go on kickin' my feelings to the ground
Better check all the facts for an easier way to let me down


released July 22, 2017


tags: pop Reading


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John Bowen Reading, Pennsylvania

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