Choose To Remember

by John Bowen



Recorded in Sonar X3


All alone
Try to think of words to say
to fill my space
Struggling to define a moment
finer than one could discribe

You may not know it now
Might come as your surprise
The finest things in life you see
and want to hold on to so
you choose to remember
They come infrequently so
you choose to remember

Close to the flame
Recalling when the passion was new
and felt so right
Into your heart you feel it clearly
Something that needs to be preserved
It's what you wanted
It could not be more true
The fleeting moment slips away so fast
you cannot keep it
You choose to remember
It cannot slip away so
You choose to remember

And when the time is right
you start to wonder
How you could have lived without it
The feeling your heart's aglow
The happiness always shows thru now
and forever

Look to your heart
Catch it swiftly
Keep it alive for all your days
Follow it through with hearts and flowers
Allow it to grow. Keep it safe
All through your life and love
you should not compromise
the memories you have when your love
was new and growing so now
You choose to remember

c 2017 John Bowen


released January 6, 2017


tags: pop Reading


all rights reserved


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John Bowen Reading, Pennsylvania

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